Conducting Rapid Experimentation with an Open-source Adaptive Tutoring System

This hands-on tutorial at AIED 2023 will cover rapid experimentation, content authoring, and LMS integration of an open-source adaptive tutor, OATutor. This full-day tutorial will be held on July 7th in-person in Tokyo (with remote registration available), Japan and is limited to 30 participants.


Intelligent Tutoring Systems have been an area of particular relevance and importance to AIED. In this tutorial, we introduce a new tool to accelerate the speed at which the community can innovate and experiment in the general area of computer tutoring systems. We showcase the field’s first fully fledged and open-source adaptive tutoring system (OATutor) with a completely creative commons licensed problem library based on popular open-licensed algebra textbooks. We demonstrate, with hands-on tutorials, how the system can be deployed on and used to help AIED researchers rapidly run A/B experiments, including how to add or modify content in the system, analyze its log data, and link OATutor content to learning management system with LTI. Our open-sourcing of three textbooks worth of questions and tutoring content in a structured data format (JSON) may also open up avenues for AIED researchers to apply new and existing educational data mining and NLP techniques.

Agenda (plaese see the updated agenda here)

Introduction (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Research Capabilities Tutorial (1 Hour 45 Minutes)

Content Creation Tutorial (1 hour 20 Minutes)

Concluding Discussion (20 Minutes)


Tutorial on OATutor Research Capabilities

Tutorial on OATutor Content Creation

OATutor LMS Integration

Target Audience

Researchers who wish to conduct A/B testing with a tutor, educators who wish to create content for their classroom, HCI researchers, machine learning researchers, and adaptive technology researchers who wish to build upon the open-source tutor. Maximum participant count: 30.


Zachary A. Pardos

Associate Professor of Education at UC Berkeley

Ioannis Anastasopoulos

Doctoral Student at UC Berkeley

Shreya Sheel

Doctoral Student at UC Berkeley